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Here is a partial chronological list of Italian Renaissance paintings with the subject of Tobias and the Angel:

1465-70 – Antonio Pollaiuolo  - Tobias and the Angel
Original location – Vasari mentions a pilaster in Orsanmichele or the Mercanzia since Pollaiuolo did the Virtues around same time for the merchant court there.
Now – in Galleria Sabauda, Torino 

1470 – Botticini -  Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael with Tobias; large painting with 3 archangels and Tobias.Orig. location - unknown.
Now in Uffizi. 
 1475-80 – Filippino Lippi –  Tobias and the Angel Raphael, dancing feet (see previous blog on Lippi's Tobias and the Angel)
Orig. locat. unknown
Now in National Gallery, Washington, D.C.  

1477-78 – Filippino Lippi – Tobias with three Archangels, large.
Orig. in Galilei family collection before coming to Torino.
Now in Sabauda, Torino

1470-75 – Andrea Verrocchio – Tobias and the Angel
Orig. location unknown
Now National Gallery, London   

1520 – Titian – Tobias and the Angel,
Orig. location-  Santa Caterina, Venice
Now in Accademia, Venice.

ALTARPIECES WHERE Tobias' story is secondary to Madonna:

1490-95 – Botticelli, Trinity, with Tobias and angel below crucifix
Orig. location - Santa Elizabetta delle Convertite, prostitute reform church in Florence.
Now in Courtauld Institute, London.

1495 – Botticini – Virgin and child altarpiece with Raphael and Tobias on right of Virgin (viewer’s perspective).
Orig. location unknown
Now in Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

1496-1500 – Perugino, Madonna with Gabriel and child,altarpiece; left panel - St. Michael,
rt. panel - Raphael and Tobias.
Orig. location - Certosa di Pavia.
Now in National Gallery, London.

1513-1514 - Raphael - The Holy Family with Raphael, Tobias, and Saint Jerome, or the Virgin with a Fish
Orig. location - commissioned by Geronimo del Doce for the chapel of Saint Rosalie at the Monastery of San Domenico, Naples.
Now in Prado, Madrid, Spain

Notes from Prado website:
Provenance- Royal Collection (Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, “Iglesia Vieja”, 1839)
Seated on a throne, the Virgin holds the Christ Child in her lap. On the right, Saint Jerome dressed as a Cardinal reads the Vulgata (The Bible he, himself, translated into Latin.)Below Jerome the lion that symbolizes him. The Archangel Raphael stands with Tobias, who holds the fish with which he will cure his father's blindness.
The use of color and the masterful composition whose apparent simplicity hides complex triangular, rectangular and diagonal forms, recall the Stanza d'Heliodoro painted by Raphael at the Vatican.
There are preparatory drawings for the present work at the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence, and at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edimburgh.
The Viceroy of Naples acquired this work for Felipe IV (1605-1665) and, after a brief period in the chapel of Madrid's Alcázar Palace, it entered the Monastery of El Escorial in 1645. From there, it entered the Prado Museum Collection.

Giovanni Santi, Tobias and angel, 1460?
 Benozzo Gozzoli, pillar in S. Agostino, Tobias and the Angel, 1464-65, San Gimignano, Italy.

Benozzo GOZZOLI, Montefalcone, San Francesco, 1446-61, Tobias’ face damaged.

 Botticini, Tobias and angel, 1495, Old Sacristy, S.M. del Fiore, Florence.

Andrea del Sarto, 1514, Archangel Raphael with Archangel Gabriel, donor, dog, and Tobias, now in Vienna.

Andrea del Sarto, Madonna and child with angel and saint (Paul?), 1522-23, now in Prado, Madrid.

Bartolommeo Sogliani, Madonna and child with St. Augustine and Tobias and angel.
Bonifazio Veronese, 1520, Madonna, child, and Joseph, with Elizabeth and John the Baptist and Tobias and Angel, orig. Venice.

Altobello Melone, 1521-23, Tobias and angel, now in Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Salvoldo, Tobias and the Angel, 1542, now in the Galleria Borghese, Rome.

Titian, San Marziale, Tobias and the Angel, 1530:


Cima da Conegliano, 1540, Madonna and child, with Tobias and angel:


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